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Lydie Greco
Graphic design, Illustration & Live drawing

A self-portrait journey

In 2022, I got cast as one of the singer-painters in the new show of the Lucamoros theater company, called "Quick a Selfie". It is a 50-min visual performance about self-image and how we come to create pictures of ourselves, exploring the history of self-portrait through the ages. In order to train for the role we had to learn to paint super fast, onto the 2x2m canvas we use in the show. Our daily exercise was to paint a self-portrait, with less and less time every morning. Over 3 weeks, the initial 2h30 evolved to a mere 7 minutes. You can witness the journey below (and let’s just say, I had a looooot of things to catch up on :))

Eventually this process was a great preparation for the show, and also for a performance during the opening night of the ECTC theater in Cernay, where I painted the portrait of an audience member selected at random in 30 mins. See the following article for details.

photos & video ©Vincent Frossard, Espaces Culturels Thann-Cernay, Maison des Arts du Léman, Marie-Colette Becker

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